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Book Shop Events


I am based in London and am always available for storytime and craft workshops within bookshops. I am also able to travel outside of London. If you would like to organise an event or signing please feel free to get in touch.


I also love creating interesting window displays of my work for bookshops. Should you be interested, or if you would like to see samples of some of my displays, please let me know.





School Events


I have worked with many schools across the country and my workshops can be tailored for all primary age groups. All my workshops include the reading of stories and an art/craft session that usually lasts between 45-60mins. I can see up to six classes in one day's visit.





School Assemblies


I am also available for school assemblies. These usually work best with KS1 but I am able to present to a whole school. With the use of a projector, I discuss with children how I became a children's author and illustrator. I talk about my methods of working and where I get my inspiration for my books. Including a question and answer session, the presentation usually lasts around 25-30 minutes, although this is adaptable to suit your school.






The Journey Home workshop


My most popular workshop is based around my first title, The Journey Home, due to its focus on habitats and extinction. Children are read the story and we then discuss the topics broached in the book. Children come up with their own ideas about what they think the book is about.


Each child is then given one of the characters from the book (either Orangutan, Elephant, Polar bear or Panda).  They will then create a pop-up habitat for their specific creature, considering all its particular needs. Please see examples below.


For this workshop each child will need access to colouring equipment, glue and a sheet of white paper. The animals are provided.





For older children I run workshops that consider the relationship between words and pictures. On the right are examples of illustrations made by nine-year-old school children, where we took a set of story sentences and focused on expanding the tale through the use of pictures.







While it is not necessary to have books on sale, I am always happy to help find a local bookshop who might be interested in providing book sales at your school. My prices for school events are set at half day and full day rates. For further information, please feel free to contact me.

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