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From award-winning author Liz Garton Scanlon and celebrated artist Frann Preston-Gannon comes a gorgeously illustrated, lyrical counting book that will have young readers' imaginations taking flight.

One dark bird is perched up high, with a view of the town and a taste of the sky. Then she's joined by two more, then three, then four. Before long, there are hundreds of starlings dancing across the sky-and avoiding a hunting hawk with one of the most spectacular tricks in the animal kingdom. Then, when night comes, the starlings begin to depart, until finally there is just one dark bird perched way up high, with a view of the town and a taste of the sky.

'Scanlon’s well-written rhymes beat in time with the wings of her subjects, whose dramatic movements flow through Preston - Gannon’s richly colored illustrations...  This book goes beyond counting, showing children how wondrous ordinary can be.'

— Julia Smith, Booklist.


Publisher: Simon & Schuster 
ISBN: 9781534404434 
Number of pages: 40 
Dimensions: 254 x 203 x 10 mm

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