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Little Angels Theatre


In 2015 The Journey Home was reimaged as a theatre production by the wonderful Little Angels puppet Theatre in London. The original story was brought to life through a combination of beautiful story-telling, engaging puppetry and colourful design to explore the themes of sustainability and the environment. 


The production is touring theatre and non-theatre venues throughout the UK until Septmeber 2015 when it will appear in-house at the Little Angels theatre in Islington. More information can be found here


Enchanted Pages Show


In late 2014 Frann helped curate an interactive children's book illustration exhibition alongside The London Print Studios. It's aim was to bring together the work of contempory illustrators in a magical environment aimed at under 12s.  This interactive show featured illustrations and cut outs from the latest children’s books with an art trail where children could read, draw, and tell stories. The Enchanted Page was an installation for children, in a specially constructed environment featuring enchanting images and characters. It ran until Febuary 2015. 


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