October 2020

Nosy Crow, October 2020

Templar Books,  April 2020

"From the illustrator of former Waterstones Gift of the Year I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree comes a heartwarming tale of friendship, kindness and understanding featuring a lovable cast of animal characters. All the creatures of the forest are having a bad day but mouse is struggling more than most; will his woodland buddies band together to help him?"

- Waterstones

Henry Holt Books,  April 2020

This sweet ode to sisterhood and seasons explores the passage of time from a young girl’s perspective. When two sisters wish upon a dandelion for the “best summer ever,” they receive more than they could ever ask for in the form of an enchanted flora-formed “Dandylion,” an imaginary, furry friend who follows them everywhere for summer fun...

Fans of Eric Carle’s work will appreciate how Preston-Gannon blurs the line between imagination and nature, teaching children that the two are often intertwined and can be fused together to create beautiful, fantastical adventures. 

— Stephanie Cohen, Booklist

Beach Lane Books,August 2019

'Scanlon’s well-written rhymes beat in time with the wings of her subjects, whose dramatic movements flow through Preston - Gannon’s richly colored illustrations...  This book goes beyond counting, showing children how wondrous ordinary can be.'

One dark bird is perched up high, with a view of the town and a taste of the sky. Then she’s joined by two more, then three, then four. Before long, there are hundreds of starlings dancing across the sky—and avoiding a hunting hawk with one of the most spectacular tricks in the animal kingdom. Then, when night comes, the starlings begin to depart, until finally there is just one dark bird perched way up high, with a view of the town and a taste of the sky.

— Julia Smith, Booklist. 

Wren & Rook,August 2019
When a little girl discovers a mischievous orangutan on the loose in her bedroom, she can't understand why it keeps shouting OOO! at her shampoo and her chocolate. But when Rang-tan explains that there are humans running wild in her rainforest, burning down trees so they can grow palm oil to put in products, the little girl knows what she has to do: help save the orangutans!
"Published in collaboration with Greenpeace, this is based on its palm-oil film, which became a viral sensation. Buoyed by Preston-Gannon’s gorgeous art, a playful story is combined with a powerful environmental message."

— Fiona Noble, The Bookseller. 

Templar Books,  April 2020

A little frog is singing to himself in the swamp one night. His song doesn't seem complete, so he invites other animals to join in. Nothing sounds right until the littlest voice joins the song - that of a tiny firefly. A wonderfully illustrated picture book with the important message that small voices need to be heard too.

"Everybody’s voice counts in this gentle, lulling rhyme that is perfect for bedtime reading. Soft illustrations create a sense of calm, while the text has a great rhythm that is reminiscent of The Owl and the Pussycat and subtly presents the idea that even naturally quiet people have important things to say too."

— The Booktrust 

Nosy Crow, September 2018

A Nature Poem For Every Day Of The Year, named after the first line of Judith Nicholls’ poem ‘Windsong’, is a lavishly illustrated collection of 366 nature poems – one for every day of the year, including leap years. Filled with familiar favourites and new discoveries, written by a wide variety of poets, including John Agard, William Blake, Emily Brontë, Charles Causley, Walter de la Mare, Emily Dickinson, Carol Ann Duffy, Eleanor Farjeon, Robert Frost, Thomas Hardy, Roger McGough, Christina Rossetti, William Shakespeare, John Updike, William Wordsworth and many more, this is the perfect book for children (and grown-ups!) to share at the beginning or the end of the day, or just to dip into.

WInner Waterstones Gift of the Year 2018

Winner Red Big Book Awards 2019

Shortlist British Book Awards 2019

“A real 'Hymn to nature.’ says Nosy Crow of this outstanding poetry anthology and I wholeheartedly agree. Stylish and distinctive but with real child appeal. A book to share, educate, entertain and to treasure.”

— Fiona Noble, The Bookseller 

' A soothing, natural setting adds to the charm of this sweet, playful book that makes vigorous and profitable use of rhyming text.'  



'In this funny and stylishly illustrated follow-up to Dave's Cave, two lovable cavemen endeavour to make their rocks the very best they can - inventing, in the process, something rather remarkable.'
'Provides readers with ample visual interest with pictures tied to an array of vocabulary... What a wonderful world of words and pictures.'

'Dave’s Cave, has all the hallmarks of a bedtime classic... The collage-style illustrations are bright, simple and funny, and the text punchy and short, a “Me Tarzan, You Jane” demotic guaranteed to have your children laughing.'


 The Telegraph

'A muted palette and the subtle Mona Lisa–like smiles of Preston-Gannon’s sea creatures give the book a serene calmness, creating a kind of aquatic peaceable Kingdom.'
 Publishers Weekly
'Through a combination of vivid illustrations and simple text, this book offers small children a glimpse into the complex connections that underlie the forest's vibrant web of life.'
Science Magazine
'A deliciously entertaining story about friendship and loyalty and why they matter. Once a lemur likes you there is nothing you can do to shake it off!' 
 Julia Eccleshare

'This is a beautiful book that celebrates things close to my heart – children’s imaginations, the power of books, and the natural joy of animals.

Frann Preston-Gannon has thought about diversity and thought about how children see themselves and their families in their books'

 Rhino Reads

'Frann Preston Gannon's gentle storytelling style, interesting plots and fantastic artwork set this book a cut above the usual dino-based fare.'
 Read it Daddy 
Simple rhyming text and boldly graphic, funny illustrations show off the comically lovable proportions of the dachshund

Amazon's best books of 2014 age 2 years. 

Gold prize in the NAPPA Awards 2014

Simple opposites that kids will immediately appreciate. A surprise ending adds to the read-aloud fun.

- Julia Eccleshare

Pavilion Books, October 2012

The Waterstones Children's Prize 2013

The Cambridgeshire Children's Prize 2013

The Junior Magazine prize best newcomer  2013

The Junior Magazine prize best picture book 2013

Longlisted for the Kate Greenaway 2014

The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home. Join him on his adventures across the seas and discover the many friends he meets along the way. This beautifully illustrated story has a powerful message of conservation and is full of things for parents and children to talk about.

"A thought-provoking story with a powerful message about conservation from an award-winning, rising illustrator and literary star."

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